Do You Love Ignorance

I have been told several times that ignorance is not an excuse in Law.

Permit me to extend it to say that Ignorance is not an excuse in life.

I thought I knew copywriting until I met Professor Emmanuel Akpe, the Prince of Copywriting.

He trained me in copywriting.

Before the training I used to think that copywriting was a journalist function.

I thought it was a recopying job done by journalist in publishing companies.

I was wrong.

Copywriting is sales.

Selling with the written word.

Copywriting scripts will convince people to take action.

It is persuasive, hypnotic, compelling, irresistible and converting.

Sales are concluded with copywriting

Relationships are built with copywriting

Discoveries are made with copywriting

Business is grown with copywriting

Data is gathered with Copywriting.

You get all the benefits in this world from Copywriting

You will make money

You will get satisfaction

You will become your own boss

What more can you ask?

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